Coast to Coast Chapter AACN Presents

Waves of Wisdom

July 30 & 31, 2015

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Welcome to our 11th Critical & Acute care continuing education conference!

The Coast-to-Coast Chapter AACN consists of seven Central Florida American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) chapters: Ancient City, Heartland, Greater Tampa Bay, Metro Orlando, Brevard, Volusia-Flagler, and Suncoast.

This is a collaborative effort to bring up-to-date continuing critical-care and acute-care education from local and nationally recognized speakers that are experts in their fields.

Ancient City: Jennifer Dodimead-President, Charlotte Wolfe
Brevard: Chandra Etwaru
Greater Tampa Bay: Lorna Baker, Diane Morgan (Treasurer)
Heartland; Debbie Laughon, Angela Mann
Metro Orlando: Arlene Dudley, Vicki Caluag
Suncoast: Sharon Popp, Kim Vander Heuven (Secretary)
Volusia-Flagler: Kim Beechler (President-Elect), Marilyn McStay, Frank Zbiciak
At Large: Vivien Cruz